Farah Nenny Farah Nenny: 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This is for him that I really love and I just want the trust of him . 
Don't let someone break our relationship and remember ,
True love would always find the ways to understand the Pain .

I miss him so badly ,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just remember !

Salam and hi yall ! Actually , there is nothing that I want to share . I just remembered on my blog , for a month I let my blog . I hope that my blog has not dusty . I miss yall ! May God bless me and may God bless all , InsyaAllah . 

Life isn't about finding yourself , Life is about creating yourself .

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September !

Hi september ! Early September is bad for me , this is about me and him . I don't know what I'm going to do now . Why he never understands me ? I did wrong ? If our relationship continues like this , I don't know what else to say and I don't want our relationship stop until here . Could you trying to understands me and my condition right now ? Don't be selfish , I try to be the best for you but you never see it . 

I miss him , even if you're not handsome
not good in the eyes of others .  
You're too good for me !

Lastly , I just want to tell you that I'm in love with you for the rest of my life . Then , being yourself is better than being like of others . Try to change your attitude okay . I forgot to say sorry to you , I'm really sorry if I do a mistakes . I do it all for our own good .

Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 August 1992

Hi guys , today my entry on the date I was born by my mother . This year I did not make my birthday party like this before . Although I do not make all that I am still happy with birthday greetings to me from all my facebook friends . Btw , I would like to thank who says happy birthday to me . Then , I would like to wish happy birthday to those born on August 11 . May god bless me and others :) . Lastly , for you my dear even  though we are not able to celebrate together , I will love you because all it is not important for me . 

Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy birthday to you ...
Happy birthday to you Anje ...
Happy birthday to you ...
(Like a crazy person sing Happy Birthday to myself , hahaha)

Love Anje ,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August coming

Hi august and good bye july 
I hope this month is better than last month ,
and I love my august ...

Love  Anje ,

01 August 2012

I don't want this moment to ever end ,
where everything's with nothing without you ,
I'll wait here forever just to see your smile ,
Cause it's true I am nothing without you ,
Through it all I made my mistakes ,
I stumble and fall , but I mean these words .
I want you to know 
With everything I won't let this go ,
These words are my heart and soul
I hold on to this moment you know ,
Cause I bleed my heart out to show
And I won't let go . . .

Love Anje ,

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's not over !


Hi there , hope all in good condition on month of fasting . Its not over is my entry today . Look at the picture and they are my best friends , my heart , my love and whatever la . Let me intro who's them ?
  • Rabiatul Adawiah , she's my aunt and also my best friends , very understanding . Now , she continued her studies at Matrik Gambang . I hope she will succeed . Although now we have not always met , you're always in my heart :)
  • Man with black clothes , I guess his long name is Amri Himalaya . Sorry if wrong :) . Yesterday , he had to stop work and leave us here . We're gonna miss you and don't forget us here . Then , I will take care of her for you . Don't worry okay !   
  • Man with an orange shirt and rayban , his name Abdul Aziz . Best friend with Amri Himalaya . Always together where they go . Always smiled when he has no problem , but when he has a problem his face like urggghhhh . Scary ! Hehehe sorry dear , just kidding :)
  • Finally , it's me . Maybe I do not need to intro about me because this blog is belong to me :)
Whatever it is , this is for you my best friends . My hope is that we not forget our friendship and our memories . Even now , we are not together it's not over . 8 letters 3 words 1 meaning is  I LOVE YOU .

Love Anje , 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadhan Mubarak :)

In this Holy month of Ramadhan ,
may you be blessed with good health , prosperity 
and may Allah Blessings always shine upon you !

Salam Ramadhan Mubarak :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


' I LOVE YOU ' means that I accept you for the person that you are , and that I do not wish to change you into someone else . It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times . It means loving you when you're in a bad mood or too tired to do things I want to do . It means loving you , when you're down , not just when you're fun to be with . I love you means that I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them , asking in return only that you do not judge me for mine . It means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love you enough not to let go . It means I'll be okay when you're with her . Loving you means standing you even when you are ripping my heart piece by piece .

Sincerely Anje ,

Again and again :'(

Again and again ! Almost everyday we were fighting . But I don't understand because of little things we fight too . The problem is you expanded our problems . Then , you always put the blame on me . If you want to know , even I text , chat , bbm another guy I wish I never cheat with you okay . Please understand what I am trying to say . I am not the king of love yang pandai berkata-kata , but please understand that I love you okay .

After this , what happen with our relationship I will accept it with my open heart . Even though , you hurt my heart I'll still love you sayang !


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trust In Love !

Hi there ! My entry is trust in love . Trust ? Trust is like a vase  . Once it breaks , it can be repaired , but it will never be the same again . You have to trust the person you love or love someone else you can trust . But remember , don't trust too much , don't love too much , don't hope too much because that too much can hurt you so much .

is patient
is kind
it does not envy
it does not boast
it is not proud
it is not rude
it is not self-seeking
it is not easily angered
keep no record of wrongs
does not delight in evil
rejoices with the truth
always protects
always TRUST
always hopes
always perseveres
never fails 

Love brings people together , but trust keeps them together . Whatever it is trust also like a paper , once it's crumpled it can be perfect again .

Love all , Trust a few , do wrong to None .

Love Anje ,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love hurt hate !

Love hurt hate ! When someone really loves you , they will never hurt you . And if they do , you'll see that in their eyes .. they're hurting too . If what you see by the eyes doesn't please you , then close your eyes and see from the heart . Because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder .

A girl takes too much time to love and few seconds to hate .
but ,
A boy takes a few seconds to love and too much time to hate .

* A second chance doesn't mean anything if you haven't learned from your first mistake !

8 letters 3 words 1 meaning :

Sincerely Anje ,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sudah tiada rezeki !

Assalamulaikum and hi all , hope all in good condition and have a nice saturday . Entry anje ini ialah bahawa anje gagal masuk ke IPTA . It's okay , it does not mean that ended up here . Right ? Life must go on even tak dapat continue study di IPTA , sudah tiada rezeki kan . But I hope I can continue my studies one day :) . By the way , congratulations to my friend who can continue their studies at IPTA . Bubye and see you !

Sorry dear !

Hi all , entry yang tak berapa best . I don't like and I did'nt want our relationship be like this , you know why ? Because that can't give the happiness , it just can give a sadness . This entry only to people I most love . I want to say sorry about what happen this night , there's no meaning sayang . They just my friends not more than that . Trust me ! Lastly I hope you can forgive me sayang . Remember , my heart always been your . Bubye cause I can't write a long story , I don't know how to compose . See you ! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dapat atau tak dapat ?

Assalamualaikum and hi all , sudah lama rasanya tak berblogging kan . Harap semua sihat2 jep even sekarang musim hujan kan . Okay kembali semula dengan entry anje kali ini . Entry kali ialah menunjukkan masa depan kepada pelajar lepasan STPM . Firstly , tahniah kepada yang dapat masuk ke IPTA , then yang tak dapat tu jangan mudah putus asa and teruskan usaha korang semua . Heeee :) anje cakap kat orang pandai , anje sendiri pun tak cek lagi dapat or tak . But apa pun keputusannya anje akan terima and tetap usaha untuk continue study even bukan di IPTA . Korang semua doakan anje taw . Rasanya sampai sini jep cerita entry anje . Lastly , have a nice day to all of you . Bubye ! Love and peace !

Friday, April 13, 2012

Miss update my blog !

Hello everybody , ermmm I think its time I did not update my blog . Actually I do not have any shared my story . Nothing interesting happened in my life from early April until now ! But , life should be continued . Heeee :) , I just want to say that I miss you all , my family , my friends , my lover , my adopted brother and all who know me . Then , do not forget also to my followers on Blogger . I MISS YOU ! Lastly, I want to share my pictures with you all . This for you , although I am not beautiful . Ngeeee c(:

Farah Nenny Izzati Binti Rusli
Call me Anje , already 20 y/o
Peace yawww ! Btw , love Man Utd :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friends !

Hi guys . Hope everythings okay . Today I want to tell about my friends . I have a lot of friend and them have a lot attitude . The many friends that there are some good and some bad . But I just want to share with all of you one of my other friends . Who is the woman's name , let the secret . Before , she is a friend always be with us , but not anymore . Want to know why ? Perhaps , because his new friends is much better than us . Its okay , I accept it with open heart , but when one day when you feel you have no friends . Don't you find us . We are not the place you stop when you feel lonely / no friends and anything else . One day , only you know what the meaning of true friends ! Now , we are only able to keep quiet with your actions towards ourselves . Lastly , please don't say that you want to be friends with us as before if a sense of self is not able to do so ! I hate people who only said , but was unable to do so !

# Think about it E*** #

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy !

Hey all . Hope semua sihat dan berkeadaan baik sahaja . 
Saya nak share dengan you all semua bahawa saya sudah happy dengan hidup saya sekarang .
Pedulikan apa yang orang nak kata tentang saya dan dia .
I hate people say behind him , kalau tak puas hati face to face la .
He's mine , not you all .
Lastly I am totally love you MyBoo :)
Heeeee , Bila awak tanya MyBoo tu apa ? Then saya jawab MyBoocuk .
Maaf yea syg save nama awak mcm tu dalam fon .
Sebenarnya bukan boocuk taw !
Okay la , bubye all !

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Annoying !

Hey guys . Hope everything okay . Today I want to share my story with all of you . Yesterday , my friend or now I da anggap dia macam sis saya . Saya kesian tengok dia sebab sedih dengan apa yang da jadi kat dia sekarang . Why he's so annoying to others ? By the way , hope sis bersabar dengan dugaan yang melanda . Just forget it about him sis . He's nothing to you , now dia da bahagia dengan orang lain . Tak payah fikirkan orang yang da selalu sakitkan hati sis . Then to Capital P , why you always make people cry for you ? Please jangan buat orang macam tu , nanti terkena pada awak baru awak tahu . Jangan beri harapan pada orang okay . F**K

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vanilla Coklat ♥

Assalamualaikum and hi to all blogger members .
This day of Tuesday and on this night at 9 pm .
 My favorite drama of vanilla chocolate is displayed on TV3 .
I think
I'm anxious to watch the drama because drama is very sweet .
If it is my life story in a drama like that, I extremely happy .
Then , if it is my lover has features like the actor in the drama I am grateful . 
But we have to accept what is given by God . 
Oh yes ! Do not forget to watch the drama on this night chocolate vanilla okay . 
Whether we are happy with this drama.

* Hope this drama ended with a happy ending *

Lastly , have a great day to all of you .
Smile always and make today better than yesterday !
Bye . Bye . Bye
Asssalamualaikum kepada semua ^^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forgive me ♥

Salam . Hi all , I feel like I did not update blog post . Actually now I have no time to update my blog post . Busy now ! However , I want to share my story to all of you that know me . About a person I've ever loved . I do not know what's wrong with him . But I had to punish him . I decided our relationship because I think we are not compatible anymore . Now , we do not call again . I should not do like that on him . He is too good for me . I can not receive that benefit him . 

Even so now I hope he can be done before normal life without depending on anyone . Finally , I am sorry if I hurt you when we know . Then , please take care of your family and your mom okay . Never hurts them . They need you more than I need you . Let's just friends . Is better than a couple . I hope you can forgive me . Another one , I want to tell you I really miss you but at the same time I hate you too . Please be yourself . Do not change because someone okay . Bye LOVE !

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Appreciate what you have girl !

Assalamualaikum to all blogger members and those who know me . 
Firstly I want to apologize to you if this post is not fun . I wrote this post just wanted to give you my advice . Jangan fikir about my tears okay . Think about  yourself . I know you are jealous of me . But thats not mean you must let him go to me and sehinggakan awak menyuruh saya untuk mencuri hati dia . It's can't be happens . You know why ? Because he love you girl . 

So please appreciate what you have now . Please do not be like me . Love him after he left me . I admit it before, I love him but I do not appreciate what I had before . Always think negative about him. But it's okay I received with open hearts . One more thing do not be jealous of our relationship because we're just friends only . No more than that . Lastly, make him happy always okay . I pray for your happiness with him . Wish you luck . Salam

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tak suka perempuan macam ni !

Setiap orang pastinya ada sifat buruk , kalau tak banyak , sedikit pastinya ada . Namum , seelok-eloknya korang harus memastikan sifat buruk korang itu tidak menjejaskan hubungan korang dengan si dia terutamanya perempuan . Andainya ada di antara korang yang mempunyai sifat macam ni , segeralah berubah sekiranya korang tak nak kehilangan orang tercinta .

Tak Pernah Puas Hati
Walaupun , lelaki juga memiliki sifat ini , namun dikatakan wanita mempunyai sifat ini , lebih dari lelaki . Mereka ni tak pernah puas hati dengan apa yang diberi . Wanita dikatakan tidak dapat menahan sesuatu yang sempurna . Jika ada sesuatu yang lebih baik , pastinya mereka ini merayu - rayu untuk mendapatkannya :)

Mata Duitan
Bohonglah kalau dikatakan dirinya tidak ada langsung sifat ini  . 'Lelaki dikatakan suka wanita kerana seks , tetapi wanita dikatakan suka pada lelaki kerana wang ' . Eh , betul ker ? Errr . Lyssa takkk ! kehkehkeh~

Suka Mengatur
Setiap wanita mengharap kehadiran Prince Charming dalam hidupnya . Namun , kalau impiannya tidak kesampaian , maka mereka mulalah mengatur teman lelakinya supaya menjadi seperti lelaki idamannya dan tahu nak mengatur tak tentu fasall jerk . Err. Lelaki mana lah suka pompuan yang suka mengatur-atur nih , ye dakkk ? ^^

Cemburu dan Posesif
Kononnya , cemburu ertinya cinta ! Tapi , banyak wanita yang cemburu berlebihan hampir hampir nak cemburu buta . Ishk , nasib korang tak buta :) Perasaan ini timbul kerana wanita merasakan telah menyerahkan dirinya kepada lelaki , sehingga dia pun ingin lelaki menyerah diri kepadanya :)

Siapa yang tak pernah emosional kan ? Rasanya , semua perempuan ada perasaan ini . Tetai jangan lah emosional berlebihan , sehinggakan gagal berfikir secara logik setiap kali membuat keputusan . Wanita lebih cepat marah dan tersinggung dibandingkan dengan lelaki.

P/S : Nobodys Perfect (Renungkanlah)

Like A Person . Love A Person

 Like a person, together of the time will be very happy, love a person together, will sense of loss, like a person, you won’t think of your future, love a person, you often together hope for tomorrow, like a person, together of the time is always joy, love a person, you will often tears, like a person, when you long time no see, you will suddenly think of him, love a person, when you long time no see, you will think about him every day, like a person, when you think of him, and you will be a slight smile, love a person, when you think of him, and you will be the stunned, like a person, you will think he had children, you will love it, love a person, will one day, you suddenly very curious:

 the future of our children will is what appearance, like a person is hope everyone happy, love a person hope that he will be more happy, like a person, you only need today, love a person, you expect is forever, like a person, it is to see his advantage, love a person, is inclusive of his faults, when you stood in front of the person you love, your heart beats faster, but when you stood in front of the person you like, you just feel happy, when you and you love the people trading four eyes, you will shy, but when you like with you of person’s four eyes delivers, you will only have to smile when you and the people you love dialogue, you think is reluctant to, but when you and dialogue of the person you like, you can speak, when the one you love cry, you will accompany her cry together, but when the one you like is crying, you will skills to comfort her. When you don’t want to love a person, you want to close your eyes and endure the tears, when you don’t want to be like a man, you only need to cover up your ears! Like, is a kind of mood.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yesterday was a bad day !

Assalamualaikum to all bloggers . I hope all in good health . Today I want to tell stories about the title at the top 'Yesterday was a bad day' for me . Semua ini berlaku atas sebab-sebab tertentu . Now,i am single and i think that was good for me . No problems that would arise in my life . I feel calm now all the problems already settle . Whatever it is I must lead my life without a love partner . Apa-apa yang berlaku malam tadi or semalam da selesai . Maafkan aku kepada sesiapa yang mengenali diri aku . After this,tiada lagi masalah yang timbul okay . Manage their lives without thinking of others . Itu lebih baik rasanya . Lastly,hope all of you have a great day for today without a problem . Make your life be real . Do not have a life filled with falsehoods . I think thats all for today nothing to share anymore . Okay bye all . I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Love Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

So sweet video and i like this video story . I love you Justin Bieber . :)

Anje and Yaya

Salam hi guys . This picture taken on our holiday in 2011 the last year la kan . hehe . Holiday last year kami jalan-jalan kat Pulau Pinang ------> Cameron Highlands ------> Kuala Lumpur (miss nak lepak dengan awak lagi . ingatkan tak dapat jumpa awak . hehe miss you a lot) merepek jep aku ni macam la dia rindu kat aku ? . Okay la nak cerita tentang picture ni . This picture taken time kami kat Cameron Highlands , on the way nak pergi Taman Agroteknologi (MARDI) haha ingat lagi aku . Best sangat-sangat pergi kat Taman tu . We can see a fresh strawberry (yummy2) then various types of flowers . The most flower that i like to look is many types colour of cactus flowers ( so beautiful) .  Sampaikan my mom beli semua jenis colour cactus tu . But apakan daya cactus my mom hilang and maybe tertinggal kat bus tu . Kesian my mom . hehe . Whatever it's see my sister face so messy ! But she's still cute . i think i've no idea to update this post . huhux . Okay la . bubye all and have a great day !  Salam .

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