Farah Nenny Farah Nenny: Appreciate what you have girl !

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Appreciate what you have girl !

Assalamualaikum to all blogger members and those who know me . 
Firstly I want to apologize to you if this post is not fun . I wrote this post just wanted to give you my advice . Jangan fikir about my tears okay . Think about  yourself . I know you are jealous of me . But thats not mean you must let him go to me and sehinggakan awak menyuruh saya untuk mencuri hati dia . It's can't be happens . You know why ? Because he love you girl . 

So please appreciate what you have now . Please do not be like me . Love him after he left me . I admit it before, I love him but I do not appreciate what I had before . Always think negative about him. But it's okay I received with open hearts . One more thing do not be jealous of our relationship because we're just friends only . No more than that . Lastly, make him happy always okay . I pray for your happiness with him . Wish you luck . Salam
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