Farah Nenny Farah Nenny: Forgive me ♥

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forgive me ♥

Salam . Hi all , I feel like I did not update blog post . Actually now I have no time to update my blog post . Busy now ! However , I want to share my story to all of you that know me . About a person I've ever loved . I do not know what's wrong with him . But I had to punish him . I decided our relationship because I think we are not compatible anymore . Now , we do not call again . I should not do like that on him . He is too good for me . I can not receive that benefit him . 

Even so now I hope he can be done before normal life without depending on anyone . Finally , I am sorry if I hurt you when we know . Then , please take care of your family and your mom okay . Never hurts them . They need you more than I need you . Let's just friends . Is better than a couple . I hope you can forgive me . Another one , I want to tell you I really miss you but at the same time I hate you too . Please be yourself . Do not change because someone okay . Bye LOVE !
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